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“We successfully planted 300 saplings at Camp Wenonah in July this year! It was a unique experience for campers and staff alike, providing them with the opportunity to bond with nature and to contribute to the land of the Camp they all hold so dear. Every camper, ages 8-18, had the chance to plant a tree in the location of their choice- some groups even planted tree gardens near their cabins which they could revisit and watch with care. Thank you Charitree Foundation for providing us with this wonderful opportunity.” – Janette, Assistant Director – Camp Wenonah

There’s never been a better time to teach kids that they can make the world a better place simply by taking an interest in their environment and making greener choices. If children are going to make a lifelong commitment to protect the environment for themselves and future generations, they first need time to explore the wonders of nature.

Kids are losing touch with nature.


Children in Nature

These days many children have less time and fewer opportunities to connect with nature. This is a real loss because research shows that contact with nature makes kids feel better about themselves. Let’s give kids GREEN POWER – the power to make the world a better place!

Children need trees and there’s so much to learn from nature. One of the best ways to learn about nature and the environment is to plant a tree of your own and watch it grow.

How to request seedlings:

* 2015 Tree Ordering for schools, camps and other children’s organizations will be announced in March 2015 with ordering to commence in April 2014. Right now we need to get some donors so we can pay for even more trees for children next year.  Follow Charitree on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Free trees for children: Request trees by April 1, 2015. In summer 2012, campers in 80 camps across Canada planted a total of 23,495 trees! Once again, for the fifth year, Andrea Koehle Jones, Executive Director of the ChariTREE Foundation, is offering free seedlings to all Canadian camps. See What’s New for full details on how to join this excellent program that gives your campers the fun of planting their very own tree while beautifying your campsite and improving the environment for us all.

Arbres gratuits pour les enfants:Demander arbres par Avril 1, 2013. À l’été 2012, des campeurs dans 80 camps à l’échelle du Canada ont planté un total de 23 495 arbres! Pour la cinquième année, Andrea Koehle Jones, directrice générale de la Fondation ChariTREE, offre des semis d’arbre gratuits à tous les camps canadiens. Consultez la section Quoi de neuf du site Web de l’ACC pour en savoir plus sur cet excellent programme qui permet à vos campeurs de planter leur propre arbre, tout en embellissant votre camp et protégeant l’environnement.

Tree Order Requirements for Teachers

For Tree Order Requirements, click here.The ChariTREE Foundation has now completed the 2015 tree donations to schools in Canada. At this point we have more requests for trees than donations to fund them so please spread the word about ChariTREE so we can give even more children trees.

“My school is working on ways we can help the world and i found your website and i just wanna say that I want to plant a tree at my school your website has made a big change in this world.” – Jay-Lyn


Writing about trees

The Wish Trees Book

Inspiring and uplifting, The Wish Trees is rooted in the idea that every child can help make the world a better place.