Make A Wish For The World


After you plant your Wish Tree your parent or teacher can enter your Wish for the World here to send it out to the world. (You can see wishes from other children below the form.)

If your students want to learn about trees, there’s no better way than planting Wish Trees. The idea, inspired by the children’s book The Wish Trees: How Planting Trees Can Help Make the World a Better Place, encourages kids to plant a local tree seedling and then make a wish for the world. Then, each time they return to visit and/or care for their tree they can make more wishes! Trees do so many tree-mendous things and planting a tree provides an excellent opportunity to encourage little ones to take pride in their contribution and take part in the world around them.

Make a Wish Form

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Past Wishes

I wish that the trees will grow strong and wide, they become a home for birds and a place to play under.  #wish4theplanet @wish4theplanet #wishes @love_trees

- By Stobart Community School students, Duck Lake, Saskatchewan

Our wish is that the trees that we planted would help our community and our world. #wish4theplanet @wish4theplanet #wishes @love_trees

- By Stobart Community School students, Duck Lake, Saskatchewan

I wish that we could turn back the deserts of the planet to a green paradise by planting billions of trees in arid countries.

- By Elliott, Edmonton, Alberta

I wish that every person be allowed the chance to plant a tree and to put their own 2 hands into the earth so to feel the richness and depth. #wish4theplanet @wish4theplanet #wishes @love_trees

- By Rebecca, Costa Rica

I wish kids everywhere could unite to fight climate change before it is too late for us and future generations. #wish4theplanet @wish4theplanet #wishes @love_trees

- By Holden, Vancouver

At St. John Bosco School we have a very enthusiastic group of students who are part of the Environmental Club and have been apart of a wide variety of initiatives throughout the year. To celebrate the students achievements throughout the year, as a committee we will be planting a tree in our schoolyard . Also, each child went home with a seedling! Thanks to Love Trees! St. John Bosco’s wish for the plant is to keep our earth GREEN and CLEAN! #wish4theplanet @wish4theplanet #wishes @love_trees

- By Ms. Chianelli, Toronto

I wish people would share resources more.

- By Chloe, Taipai

I wish people would stop cutting down trees to make charcoal.

- By Leah, Lusaka

I wish I had super powers to save the earth and save people.

- By Aidan, Hamilton, Ontario

I wish children everywhere could have a tree of their own.

- By Andrea, Bowen Island

I wish that people would recycle.

- By Loveleen, New York