BONN CLIMATE CONFERENCE: Watching for progress on loss and damage finance + adaptation strategies for children and youth 

BONN, Germany — “Loss and damage” has become one of the most talked about phrases at recent climate meetings like COP26 in Glasgow and now the Bonn Climate Change Conference in preparation for COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh. That’s because delegates are deciding on the best approaches to address the devastation and destruction to lives, livelihoods and infrastructure associated with the climate emergency in developing countries. These countries are especially vulnerable to the catastrophic effects of climate change, and in most cases they did little to cause it. Millions of children and youth are living in areas already coping with this destruction and they need leaders to take action and look out for them now, before it’s too late.

“Watching for progress on loss and damage finance + adaptation strategies at the Bonn Climate Conference, including formal + informal environmental education opportunities for children in regions hardest hit by climate change,” said Andrea Koehle Jones, Founder, Executive Director and Children’s Climate Education Advocate, The ChariTree Foundation. “Let’s make sure children and youth have the tools and support they need now to survive and thrive in their ever-changing world.”

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