Make a Wish Form

Please note all posts will need to be approved by the moderator.Make a wish for the planet: Once you've made your wish, you can send your wish out to the world on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere... Include the #wish4theplanet tag so we can spread good karma and help make the world a better place!

Past Wishes

I wish that the trees will grow strong and wide, they become a home for birds and a place to play under.  #wish4theplanet @wish4theplanet #wishes @love_trees

- By Stobart Community School students, Duck Lake, Saskatchewan

Our wish is that the trees that we planted would help our community and our world. #wish4theplanet @wish4theplanet #wishes @love_trees

- By Stobart Community School students, Duck Lake, Saskatchewan

I wish that we could turn back the deserts of the planet to a green paradise by planting billions of trees in arid countries.

- By Elliott, Edmonton, Alberta

I wish that every person be allowed the chance to plant a tree and to put their own 2 hands into the earth so to feel the richness and depth. #wish4theplanet @wish4theplanet #wishes @love_trees

- By Rebecca, Costa Rica

I wish kids everywhere could unite to fight climate change before it is too late for us and future generations. #wish4theplanet @wish4theplanet #wishes @love_trees

- By Holden, Vancouver

At St. John Bosco School we have a very enthusiastic group of students who are part of the Environmental Club and have been apart of a wide variety of initiatives throughout the year. To celebrate the students achievements throughout the year, as a committee we will be planting a tree in our schoolyard . Also, each child went home with a seedling! Thanks to Love Trees! St. John Bosco’s wish for the plant is to keep our earth GREEN and CLEAN! #wish4theplanet @wish4theplanet #wishes @love_trees

- By Ms. Chianelli, Toronto

I wish people would share resources more.

- By Chloe, Taipai

I wish people would stop cutting down trees to make charcoal.

- By Leah, Lusaka

I wish I had super powers to save the earth and save people.

- By Aidan, Hamilton, Ontario

I wish children everywhere could have a tree of their own.

- By Andrea, Bowen Island

I wish that people would recycle.

- By Loveleen, New York