The Board

peace-treesAndrea Koehle Jones, Founder and Chair, oversees an experienced board of directors who generously volunteer their time to The Charitree Foundation.

Hilda Wood (Toronto, ON)

is a non-profit organization expert with on-the-ground experience in various developing countries. Her current role is Director of Donor Engagement and Sponsorship Management at Christian Children’s Fund of Canada. She has also worked as a Senior Manager for several other high-profile non-profit organizations including World Vision and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Hilda and Andrea have travelled to one of Africa’s highest hiv-infected regions to plant fruit trees with children.

Dr. Michael Koehle (Vancouver, BC)

is a sports medicine physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia and an active researcher in exercise, altitude and diving physiology. He is also a volunteer physician for the Himalayan Rescue Association in Nepal.

John Koehle (Toronto, ON)

is a paramedic and computer programmer with an interest in environmental sustainability.

David Jones (Bowen Island, BC)

is a CBC journalist. He has worked for a non-profit news agency in Guatemala and helped launch Love Trees powerful international tree planting projects. David is also an avid rock climber and runs Squamish Climbing.