The Board

peace-treesAndrea Koehle Jones, Founder and Chair, oversees an experienced board of directors who generously volunteer their time to The Charitree Foundation.

Hilda Wood (Toronto, ON)

is a non-profit organization expert with on-the-ground experience in various developing countries. Her current role is Director of Donor Engagement and Sponsorship Management at Christian Children’s Fund of Canada. She has also worked as a Senior Manager for several other high-profile non-profit organizations including World Vision and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Hilda and Andrea have travelled to one of Africa’s highest hiv-infected regions to plant fruit trees with children.

Dr. Michael Koehle (Vancouver, BC)

is a sports medicine physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia and an active researcher in exercise, altitude and diving physiology. He is also a volunteer physician for the Himalayan Rescue Association in Nepal.

John Koehle (Toronto, ON)

is a paramedic and computer programmer with an interest in environmental sustainability.

David Jones (Bowen Island, BC)

is a CBC journalist. He has worked for a non-profit news agency in Guatemala and helped launch Love Trees powerful international tree planting projects. David is also an avid rock climber and runs Squamish Climbing.


Writing about trees

The Wish Trees Book

The Wish Trees, written by ChariTree founder Andrea Koehle Jones, is rooted in the idea that every child can help make the world a better place.