Tree Planting Instructions

Planting Instructions

We usually plant White Spruce also called Canadian Spruce because it’s a hardy tree native to all parts of Canada – a great choice for little kids. It can grow 27 meters (90 ft) to 41 meters (135 ft) in height. Other trees are available depending on your geographic location and our supplies at the time of your request.

Our Spruce are adaptable to a wide range of conditions and happiest from zones 2 to 8 across Canada.

Plant your seedling in partial shade except in warmer climates where you should plant your seedling in the shade on the north side away from the sun. Water often. Take care of your seedlings so they can grow big and strong. Remember that the bigger the tree, the better the wind break and the more carbon it will offset for the planet.

We only use non-genetically modified tree seedlings grown locally from wild collected seeds. TCF works with kids we use seedlings not treated with pesticides. 

Keep your seedling in a cool place until you’re ready to plant. Plant it within a couple of days and if you can’t plant it outside right away (in northern climates), then put it in a pot with fresh potting soil and plant it after the last frost. They make adorable indoor plants for many months.
When you’re ready to plant outside, choose a spot with good soil (wet but well drained is ideal) and lots of room to grow.

Dig a hole and place the root plug in the hole pressing the soil firmly around it.
Always water after planting and every week in dry weather in northern climates, every day in southern zones as applicable. Feel the soil around the tree to see if it’s too wet or too dry.

WATCH TREE PLANTING VIDEO: Even though we usually plant smaller trees, this is a great video to show you how to plant your seedling.

Happy Tree Planting!

“My school is working on ways we can help the world and i found your website and i just wanna say that i want to plant a tree at my school your website has made a big change in this world.” – Jay-Lyn