Canadian Environmental Education Projects

Developing outdoor learning projects across Canada

The Canadian Camping Association and The ChariTREE Foundation

The ChariTREE Foundation developed a ground-breaking national children’s environmental education project with The Canadian Camping Association. More than 100,000 children at Canadian Camping Association summer camps across Canada received an opportunity to plant a local tree and learn about the importance of trees.

“Thank you again for this great initiative. Wonderful idea, and a hit with our campers,” said Miles Villneff, Assistant Director, Onondaga Camp.

This hands-on A Tree for Every Child project was a fun way to get kids outside, teach them to plant local tree species and care about something beyond themselves. “I’m so happy kids had the opportunity to learn more about trees and their contribution in the world,” said Andrea Koehle Jones, Environmental education advocate and executive director, The ChariTree Foundation. “I love projects that educate and empower kids to know that they can help make the world a better place. I am thankful for CCA’s support and all camp staff that helped out ~ and I’m especially proud of every child that planted a tree.”

Supporting environmental education projects across Canada

In recent years, The ChariTree Foundation expanded its reach by helping to send kids to camps and schools with environmental education programs. The ChariTree Foundation aims to make sure that all children and youth have equitable access to nature-based outdoor learning programs.

ChariTree has helped fund outdoor classrooms and send inner city classes to various outdoor education programs. ChariTree also helps send campers who can’t afford summer camp to various Canadian Camping Association camps with environmental education programs.

“All kids, regardless of their economic circumstance, deserve the chance to be immersed in, to find the joy + beauty in #nature. Thanks to TheChariTree Foundation, this is something they will remember for many years to come!”~ Jacob Rodenburg, Camp Kawartha + Trent University

Let’s grow with nature

To see recent local, national and international environmental education projects, follow The ChariTree Foundation on Twitter.

Contact info [at] charitree-foundation [dot] org if your camp or school needs help with outdoor learning, tree planting, or environmental education programs or is building outdoor classrooms and is a REGISTERED CANADIAN CHARITY. ChariTree can only donate to other registered Canadian charities.