Tree planting activities for kids

butterfly-wish-treeThere are so many activities you can do with kids. Take a walk outside the classroom and talk to your students about trees. What is their favourite tree? Why do they like trees? How do trees help us? How can we help the world by planting trees?

The Wish Trees: How Planting Trees Can Help Make the World a Better Place.

Like The Wish Trees children’s tree planting book, kids can plant a wish tree (any local, native tree seedling) and then make a wish for the world. Every time they return to visit and / or care for their tree they can make more wishes for anything! They can write their wishes on 100% recycled paper butterflies and tie them to their seedlings or simply say their wish by their tree.

How to plant a Wish Tree

“My wish is that everyone will take care of are planet so that it doesn’t become polluted and that everyone for many generations will be able to enjoy its beauty forever.” – Aliyah

“I wish for a happy and healthy planet, so it can be there for generations to enjoy.” – Kiana

Check out this FREE children’s tree planting kit for Earth Day and every day.  This is a co-pro of The ChariTree Foundation + Chickabug. Please print 100% tree-free paper and plant local, native seedlings well-suited for your area. Happy Planting!

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