Outdoor Learning

Educating kids about sustainability is crucial to a healthy future for the planet

Canada’s ChariTree Foundation creates and supports national and international children’s outdoor education programs. Kids who participate in environmental education programs develop environmental literacy, awareness of nature and outdoor life skills. Understanding that we need to make eco-friendly choices as well as consider the future of the planet makes kids and youth more likely to make valuable contributions to the ecological health of the planet and become environmental leaders.

Children need nature and regular time outdoors
These days many children are experiencing indoor childhoods with less time and fewer opportunities to connect with nature. This is a real loss because research shows that contact with nature makes kids feel better about themselves and less stressed.

ChariTree supports children’s school and summer camp environmental education programs that teach outdoor skills and #EnvironmentalLeadership. It’s about getting kids outside more ~ and giving them opportunities to learn, connect with nature and contribute positively to their ever-changing world.

The ChariTree Foundation strives to give children and youth equitable access to outdoor learning opportunities at schools, camps, orphanages and other kids organizations by supporting national and international environmental education leaders.

If children are going to make a lifelong commitment to protect the environment for themselves and future generations, they first need time to explore the wonders of nature. The ChariTree Foundation’s climate change solution is simple. We help support environmental education for children now, so when they grow up they will be better prepared to face the climate emergency and #LeadOnClimate as environmental leaders.