International Environment Programs

The Charitree Foundation is currently supporting environmental education projects for children and youth in projects in Ethiopia and Malawi.

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“I am hopeful for the future, because although nature is in crisis, now is the time for action, and together we can save it.” — Sir David Attenborough

The ChariTree Foundation’s ‘A Tree for Every Child’ environmental education initiative in Zambia and Kenya.

When children plant trees they can learn:

  • hands-on experience changing the world by learning how to plant and care for a tree
  • STEM tree science and ecology
  • forest connectivity and cooperation
  • compassion for trees
  • tree and forest conservation
  • benefits of forest diversity and planting native and diverse tree species to increase wildlife habitats, pest and disease resistance and resilience to devastating climate change impacts
  • how to boost community resiliency by participating in efforts to address the challenges posed by climate change and biodiversity loss

Tree Planting Projects for Kids

  • encourages children to spend time outdoors to engage in physical activity and reduce stress. Digging, watering, and caring for trees provide opportunities for exercise and fresh air
  • develops a connection and appreciation for their community and nature as well as compassion for forest life
  • provides a hands-on learning environmental education experience that complements their classroom education. Children learn various educational subjects such as science, geography, and ecology including topics like photosynthesis, soil health, biodiversity, species conservation and protection as well as climate change through direct observation, interaction and teamwork
  • fosters a sense of hopefulness, empowerment and responsibility for the planet from a young age that can inspire future climate leaders