How to plant a Wish Tree

Children around the world are planting Wish Trees. The idea was inspired by the popular children’s tree planting book The Wish Trees: How Planting Trees Can Help Make the World a Better Place. Pre-schoolers and early readers are connecting with the book and the idea that you are never too little to help the planet.

The Wish Trees encourages kids to plant a local tree seedling with their parents and teachers and then make a wish for anything — especially for the world. Then, every time they return to visit and care for their tree they can make more wishes!

If your children ask you to plant a Wish Tree with them, jump on this opportunity to learn and grow together.

Young children will fall in love with trees and begin to learn how trees can help our planet.

Happy Wish Tree Planting!

A baby tree is called a seedling. Ask a parent or teacher to help you choose a place to plant as well as a tree seedling that will grow strong and healthy in that space. Next, grab a shovel and get ready to change the world.

Dig It

Digging is fun and it’s okay to get dirty. Roots are the part of the tree that helps keep the tree from falling over. Roots also gather water and nutrients, a type of tree food, from the soil. Ask an adult to help you measure and dig a hole for your seedling. The hole should be three times as wide as the seedling’s roots, but only as deep as the roots.

100% of profits from this book will be donated to children’s environmental education and tree planting projects.

Pop It

Gently remove the tree seedling from its wrapper or container. Pop it into the hole you dug in the ground.

Wish It

Fill in the hole and pat the soil around the tiny tree trunk so the tree feels safe and secure and stands straight up. As you pat the dirt around your Wish Tree, close your eyes and make a wish. Don’t forget to make a wish for your tree and the world. W-i-s-h…

Blow your wish like a kiss out to the world or write your wish on (100% recycled paper heart or butterfly) paper hand tie it with a ribbon on your tree.

Hug It

Return often to check on your tree, water it when needed and hug it often.

Here are some children’s Wish Trees wishes:

“I wish I had superpowers to help the earth.”

— Aidan, Northern Ireland

“I wish I could have a tree planting party.”

— Layal, Syria

“I wish everyone would work together to help keep our planet healthy.”

— Avery, Canada

“I wish I could learn how to plant trees that would survive droughts.”

— Catherine, Zambia

“I wish everyone understood how trees help the world.”

— Bao, China

“I wish everyone would protect and hug trees.”

— Luke, United States

“I wish kids everywhere could have a tree of their own to plant.”

— Holden, Canada

What is your Wish Tree wish?

Post your wishes for the world on 100% recycled paper and place on a tree. You can also post their wishes at Make a WishForTheWorld.