About donating

A gift to The Charitree Foundation is a gift that grows and keeps giving back.

Every Child has a tree

Thank you to everyone for your generous donations to The Charitree Foundation. You have helped empower the future stewards of the environment by giving them time and opportunities to explore the wonders of nature so they can grow-up and create a positive future for themselves and the world – we need you.

“Tremendous way to connect our children with the future of the world,” ~ H. U., ChariTree Foundation donor.

Everyone at The ChariTree Foundation, including the executive director, works for free and 0% of donations are spent on fundraising. The ChariTree Foundation is seeking donations but we don’t solicit donations or keep donor information. (We will never call, mail or email you because that’s annoying. ChariTree puts all energy towards helping kids.)

Corporate Donations

We hope people will hear about this powerful little charity and like what we are doing. We are a small volunteer-run grassroots charity so if you want to donate and promote your donation, project, business, organization… – please do! Donate here and drag any photos or logos from our website for your social media posts. If you add @love_trees, we will see your posts and re-post or like. Right now all our energy is focussed on getting more kids outside and connected with nature.