Outdoor Classrooms

In response to the pandemic, The ChariTree Foundation expanded its environmental education mandate in 2020 by helping several schools across Canada build outdoor classrooms. The goal was to get kids outdoors more and give them more opportunities to participate in outdoor learning.

It’s always a good time for outdoor learning, even after the pandemic. That’s why The ChariTree Foundation is offering a second round of funding to schools building outdoor classrooms.

If your Canadian school is building an outdoor classroom as part of an outdoor learning program, contact The ChariTree Foundation before April 29, 2021 to apply for help funding it at info [at] charitree-foundation [dot] org.

Include in your email:

  • school name + address
  • principal’s contact information including email address as they must be copied on all emails
  • a brief description of the outdoor classroom you are attempting to build as well as a few examples of environmental education projects you plan to teach there
  • estimated project timeline, funding acquired so far and funding goal.

Only Canadian schools with an ability to issue prompt tax receipts for donations from The ChariTree Foundation can apply for this round of funding help. Also The ChariTree Foundation does not support cutting down trees to create a space for outdoor classrooms.