Outdoor Classrooms

(Sept. 16 grants are now closed. We will announce new grants on this site and Twitter.)

The ChariTree Foundation has expanded its climate education mandate by helping schools and children’s camps across Canada build outdoor classrooms. We also help build outdoor classrooms in Africa by working with registered Canadian charities.

The goal is to get kids outdoors more and give them more opportunities to participate in hands-on, accessible outdoor learning and climate education programs. It’s about getting kids offline and outdoors and increasing ventillation. Let’s give them opportunities to survive and thrive while contributing positively to their ever-changing world.

This latest round of funding is available until September 16, 2022 to:

Canadian schools and summer camps. If your Canadian school or camp is building an outdoor classroom (in Canada or Canadian registered charities building outdoor classrooms and children’s learning gardens for environmental education programs in Africa) as part of an outdoor learning program, contact The ChariTree Foundation before September 16, 2022 to apply for help funding it at info [at] charitree-foundation [dot] org.

* If your school or outdoor learning program has already received a grant to build an outdoor classroom, you can apply again to help complete your outdoor classroom. Preference will be given to outdoor programs that haven’t received previous grants.

Include in your email:

  1. school or camp name + address
  2. principal’s (or camp owner’s) contact information including email address as they must be involved + copied on all emails
  3. a brief description of the outdoor classroom you are attempting to build as well as a few examples of environmental education or climate education projects you plan to teach there
  4. estimated project timeline


Only Canadian schools, children’s camps or registered Canadian charities can apply if they have the ability to:

• email info [at] charitree-foundation [dot] org on September 16, 2022 a letter acknowledging that your school or camp has received $2,000 from The ChariTree Foundation to help build your outdoor classroom.

• or the case of registered Canadian charities running climate education programs inside or outside Canada, they need to issue a donation receipt before Dec 31, 2022.

$2,000 grants will be announced by September 22, 2022 and cheques mailed out on September 26, 2022. It’s a very simple process:

One email to apply, and if granted, one email to acknowledge $2,000 from The ChariTree Foundation to help build your outdoor classroom.


* The ChariTree Foundation is a small, grassroots environmental education and United Nations Climate Observer organization run by executive director Andrea Koehle Jones for free in her free time when she is not at her other jobs. The ChariTree Foundation strives to reach children and youth especially kids in areas hardest hit by the impacts of climate change and youth who would otherwise not be able to participate.

The ChariTree Foundation does not support cutting down trees to create a space for outdoor classrooms. ??