Why should we invest in planting more trees?

The world needs more trees. Trees stop erosion, produce oxygen, offset carbon emissions, remove toxins from the soil and water and provide food and habitats for many people and animals. Kids hold the future of the planet in their hands and having a Wish Tree of their own to grow with them is something they will never forget.

What can I do to help?

  • make a donation to The ChariTREE Foundation. Businesses can also can become ChariTREE Partners – it’s the best way to support ChariTREE’s Canadian tree planting program.
  • follow ChariTREE on Facebook to help spread the word about our children’s tree planting program.
  • make a Wish for the Planet.

Does The ChariTREE Foundation issue tax receipts?

Yes – ChariTREE is a registered Canadian charity.

Does ChariTREE issue tree certificates?

ChariTREE does not issue tree certificates. Visit Love Trees to order tree certificates and have individual trees planted in honor of friends and family. They’re TREEmendous corporate promotions, Earth Day trees, green weddings, fifth anniversary gifts (the 5th anniversary is wood), birthday trees, party trees, thank you trees, teacher’s gifts, memory trees and more.

What’s the difference between Love Trees and The ChariTREE Foundation?

Both organizations are children’s environmental education and tree planting programs. The ChariTREE Foundations is a registered Canadian charity and issues tax receipts for donations.

Love Trees does not issue tax receipts but operates globally. Love Trees is a social enterprise rooted in giving and donates a portion of profits to The ChariTREE Foundation. “Social entrepreneurship is the act of recognizing a social problem and innovating a solution using entrepreneurial principles. While business entrepreneurs seek profits and returns, social entrepreneurs measure their successes in social or environmental change.” (-mashable)

While ChariTREE does some work outside Canada, most trees go to Canadian children due to the red tape governing Canadian charities working outside Canada. It is a lot easier and faster for Love Trees to get trees to children abroad so Love Trees mostly donates trees to children in developing countries. Both organizations get thousands of requests for trees and both are needed to give as many children as we can a tree of their own.

Where can I purchase a ChariTREE shirt?

Cafe Press sells them for ChariTREE: http://www.cafepress.ca/lovetrees

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