A powerful little Canadian Environmental Education charity empowers kids across Canada and around the world.

Close to 150,000 children across Canada have planted trees donated by The ChariTree Foundation at summer camps, schools and homes across the country in the last ten years.

The ChariTREE Foundation receives request for trees from teachers and camp directors. ChariTree just completed our 10th TREE-mendous year planting trees with Canadian Camping Association / Association des camps du Canada (CCA) campers!

“These days many children have less time and fewer opportunities to connect with nature,” says Andrea Koehle Jones, Founder, The ChariTree Foundation. “This is a real loss because research shows that contact with nature makes kids feel better about themselves.”

Thanks to all CCA campers, staff and volunteers and of course the remarkable Catherine Ross, my mentor from Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da ~ who all worked together to plant thousands of trees across Canada this summer and the last ten summers.

The ChariTree Foundation is a national registered Canadian charity dedicated to supporting kids #environmentaleducation and #treeplanting projects. Everyone at ChariTree volunteers their time and nobody is paid so donations can go directly to kids. 

(Photos) #Teens at Camp Oochigeas planting #trees in Muskoka + campers at Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da planting trees on Birch Island.

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