Canadian tree planting program for children and youth is open

Apply today for a ChariTree Foundation Camp Tree Planting & Environmental Education Grant

Vancouver, BC — 18/4/2024 — The ChariTree Foundation has just launched their updated program so even more children and youth at summer camps across Canada can participate in a ground-breaking national children’s tree planting and biodiversity education project.

More than 100,000 children at Canadian Camping Association (CCA) summer camps across Canada have already planted trees with camp staff and now The ChariTree Foundation wants to give even more kids an opportunity to plant a tree and learn about the importance of trees.

“This is a fun way to get kids outside, teach them to plant a variety of native tree species and care about their world,” says Andrea Koehle Jones, award-winning environmental education advocate and executive director, The ChariTree Foundation. She hopes to give thousands of campers an opportunity to plant trees this summer. “When children understand trees and how they impact the world they depend on, they are more likely to make a lifelong commitment to protect the environment for themselves and future generations.”

When children plant trees they can learn:

  • hands-on experience changing the world by learning how to plant and care for a tree
  • STEM tree science and ecology
  • forest connectivity and cooperation
  • compassion for trees
  • tree and forest conservation
  • benefits of forest diversity and planting native and diverse tree species to increase wildlife habitats, pest and disease resistance and resilience to devastating climate change impacts
  • how to boost community resiliency by participating in efforts to address the challenges posed by climate change and biodiversity loss

Tree Planting Projects for Kids

  • encourages children to spend time outdoors to engage in physical activity and reduce stress. Digging, watering, and caring for trees provide opportunities for exercise and fresh air
  • develops a connection and appreciation for their community and nature as well as compassion for forest life
  • provides a hands-on learning environmental education experience that complements their classroom education. Children learn various educational subjects such as science, geography, and ecology including topics like photosynthesis, soil health, biodiversity, species conservation and protection as well as climate change through direct observation, interaction and teamwork
  • fosters a sense of hopefulness, empowerment and responsibility for the planet from a young age that can inspire future climate leaders

Canadian Camping Association Camp owners and directors can apply now for a $1,000 grant to:

  • purchase fruit trees and / or native trees and seedlings for your campers to plant (ideally a variety of native tree species from your local tree farms and nurseries)
  • bring in environmental education experts like teachers, biologists, arborists… to help kids plant and learn about trees and biodiversity
  • host a children’s tree planting party for campers

*Apply between April 20 – June 10, 2024. Grants will be provided to CCA camps until the grant fund runs out so apply early. Successful applications will be announced by email and delivered by June 12, 2024.

“There is something magical about the act of planting a tree. It is one of the best ways to foster hope and empowerment for a greener future. Kids love taking part in this meaningful act. Thank you for the opportunity.” — Jacob Rodenburg, an award-winning educator, author, executive director of Camp Kawartha, a summer camp and outdoor education center, and instructor in environmental education at Trent University, ON

“We had lots of fun with this tree planting project. With a certified arborist on our team we made good use of the trees with strategic placement while making it a fun time for our campers.” – Derrik, Lake Scugog Camp.

Camps applying for a $1,000 grant from The ChariTree Foundation should watch for announcements on + @Love_Trees

The ChariTree Foundation is a national non-profit connecting children across Canada and around the world to environmental education to help them survive and thrive today and lead a better tomorrow. 

Andrea is a ‘Women for Nature’ mentor and a recipient of a National 2011 Canadian Camping Association’s Award of Excellence for her tree planting and environmental education program that gave more than 100,000 children at summer camps across Canada an opportunity to plant trees.

“Thanks to all CCA campers, staff and volunteers and of course the remarkable Catherine Ross, my mentor from Camp Mi-A-Kon-Da ~ who all worked together to plant thousands of trees across Canada over the last ten summers,” said Andrea Koehle Jones, Founder, The ChariTree Foundation.

Here are just a few comments about The ChariTree Foundation – Canadian Camping Association tree planting program coordinated by Andrea Koehle Jones and Catherine Ross:

The ChariTree Foundation’s ‘A Tree for Every Child’ environmental education tree planting initiative.

“We successfully planted 300 saplings at Camp Wenonah in July this year! It was a unique experience for campers and staff alike, providing them with the opportunity to bond with nature and contribute to the land of the Camp they all hold so dear. Every camper, ages 8-18, had the chance to plant a tree in the location of their choice- some groups even planted tree gardens near their cabins which they could revisit and watch with care. Thank you ChariTree Foundation for providing us with this wonderful opportunity.” – Janette, Assistant Director, Camp Wenonah

“Thank you again for this great initiative. Wonderful idea, and a hit with our campers.” — Miles Villneff, Assistant Director, Onondaga Camp.

“We appreciate the gift that you provide which allows us to remind our campers and staff the need to maintain our efforts towards renewable resources. Thank you.” — Jocelyn Palm, Director, Glen Bernard Camp, Sundridge, ON

“Getting the trees each year is a big thrill for our us. I think we have been involved for 5 + years with the program. It was a difficult year with the high heat in the early summer but we did our best to get trees in the ground and established early. It is rewarding to see trees from a few years ago doing well. We are always working to connect our campers with the natural environment, tree planting and clearly helps.”
— Jeff “Capt” Brown, Owner/Director, Camp Otterdale, Lombardy, ON

“The children had a great day outside learning about the trees and how to plant and care for them. As the trees grow, they will provide important habitat and their shade will help maintain a healthy, cool water temperature in Joseph Creek. Thank you ChariTree!” ~ Blue Lake Camp, Cranbrook, BC

“It was a meaningful connection for them and am incredible gift to make concrete change to the site through planting of trees. I know that as those trees grow our staff will be directing reminded about the meaningful work that they did. — Thanks again!” — Sharon Millar, Director, Cave Springs Camp, Beamsville, Ontario

“There is something magical about the act of planting a tree. It is one of the best ways to foster hope and empowerment for a greener future. Kids love taking part in this meaningful act. Thank you for the opportunity.” — Jacob Rodenburg, Douro Dummer, ON