Trees Available for Children Across Canada

For the seventh year, The ChariTree Foundation’s initiative to offer tree planting for kids program is open to all Canadian camps, including those that planted trees in previous years. Given the known benefits to camps and campers, we urge all camps to join the program in a big or small way.

Glen Bernard Camp 2Ordering

By April 7, 2015, contact your provincial representative (listed below) and place your order including the number of trees and the location where they will be planted. You may chose to plant between 40 and 800 trees.

Andrea accesses the trees from nurseries in each province; therefore, the seedlings are suitable for growing conditions in your province.

The trees are packed in packages of 20 in cardboard boxes.


You will be notified by your representative precisely when (the date will be within the last two weeks of June) and where the trees are available for pick up in your province.

Andrea’s commitment is to deliver the total order for each province to one location, which is chosen by the provincial representative. Your representative will notify each participating camp of this location prior to submitting your order. Each camp is responsible for collecting their order from this location or pre-arranging to pay for delivery to their campsite.

Andrea has found that Greyhound bus is the least expensive way to ship seedlings. If you do not receive your seedlings on the expected date, please notify your provincial representative.

The trees may be stored in a dark, cool location for a maximum of two weeks before planting.

The camp agrees to:

Go online promptly and acknowledge the receipt of their trees directly to Andrea. Andrea needs this information to satisfy her donors that their contribution is being used wisely and assists her in seeking future donations. Camps that do not meet this obligation will forgo the opportunity to access free trees in future years.
Plant their trees with their campers within two weeks.
Water the seedlings if the weather is dry.

For more information on Andrea Koehle Jones and the ChariTREE Foundation see

Provincial Representatives

Kathy Koehler (

Donna Wilkinson (

Liz Kovach (

Nicole Markowitz (

Julie Payeur (

New Brunswick
John Savage (

Nova Scotia & P.E.I
Derek Mitchell (

Newfoundland and Labrador
Malcolm Turner (