The ChariTree Foundation contributes recommendations for Canada’s national biodiversity strategy

A ChariTree Foundation children's tree planting project.
A ChariTree Foundation children’s tree planting project.

The ChariTree Foundation supports and has contributed to a set of Canada’s national biodiversity strategy recommendations proposed by 20 Canadian non-governmental organizations. The submission highlights vital environmental and conservation efforts to bring about urgent systemic change, as well as specific targets to be met.

As a part of their commitment at COP15 (The 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity), Canada pledged to establish a National Biodiversity Strategy. The objective is to stop and reverse the decline of biodiversity by 2030 and achieve complete restoration of nature by 2050. 

The ChariTree Foundation continues to call on leaders to take urgent, courageous and significant nature-based steps to halt and reverse biodiversity loss and this needs to include hands-on environmental education opportunities for children and youth everywhere.

“Let’s educate every child by supporting transformative, formal and informal climate education at all levels, including science-policy interface studies and lifelong learning processes, recognizing diverse world views, values and knowledge systems of indigenous peoples and local communities,” says Andrea Koehle Jones, The ChariTree Foundation’s founder and children’s environmental education advocate. “When children understand climate change and how it impacts them and the world they depend on, they are more likely to make a lifelong commitment to protect the environment for themselves and future generations.”

The 20 organizations submitting this joint submission to Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault include:

  • Alternative Land Use Services 
  • Birds Canada
  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, National
  • Canadian Wildlife Federation
  • ChariTree Foundation
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • East Coast Environmental Law
  • Ecojustice
  • Ecology Action Centre
  • Nature Canada
  • Nature United
  • Nature Trust of New Brunswick 
  • Nature Resources Defense Council
  • Oceans North
  • SeaBlue Canada
  • The Wilderness Committee
  • West Coast Environmental Law
  • WCS Canada 
  • WWF Canada
  • Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

The ChariTree Foundation is a national Canadian non-profit and a United Nations Climate Observer Organization, putting children’s rights at the forefront of climate action to improve their education, health, and future.

The Foundation was present at COP15 in Montreal and celebrated the signing of the Kunming-Montreal Agreement to halt and reverse global biodiversity loss by 2030. The ChariTree Foundation also commended Canada’s leadership role in securing this agreement and encourages Canada to continue to lead.