Free tree seedlings for children – Let’s Celebrate Canada’s 150th by Planting Trees!

Vancouver, BC — 03/09/2017 — The ChariTree Foundation provides free tree seedlings to children who in turn plant them through local restoration projects at camps and schools across Canada.  These children’s organizations must have a plan to care for the trees after planting.

These days many children have less time and fewer opportunities to connect with nature. This is a real loss because research shows that contact with nature makes kids feel better about themselves. ChariTree strives to give as many children as they can a tree of their own. It’s about supporting environmental education programs for children, reforestation, creating wildlife habitats and climate change solutions  ~ as well as an opportunity for kids to connect with nature and contribute positively to their world.

A Wish Tree for every child
“ChariTree grew out of my wish to help children and the world,” says Andrea Koehle Jones, Executive Director, ChariTree Foundation. When children receive a Wish Tree, they get to plant it and make a wish for the world. Every time they return to visit or care for their tree they can make more wishes – for anything! They can write their wishes on 100% recycled paper and tie them to their tree or simply say their wish by their tree.

“I wish everyone would deeply understand that trees are the lungs of the earth, and we all breathe together,” says Shannon an elementary school student from West Bolton, Ontario.
“I am so proud of every child that has planted a tree in the last ten years,” said Koehle Jones. “These kids are going to be changemakers,” she continued. “Helping a child plant a tree might seem like a small thing but imagine if all children were given an opportunity to plant a tree,” said Koehle Jones.

You can ask your child what they love about nature and if they have a wish for the planet. If they want they (or camp directors, parents and teachers) can post it here to send out their wish to the world: anyone can post wishes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat with these tags #wish4theplanet and @wish4theplanet and send #goodkarma out – now when the world needs it most.
Also anyone can post wishes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat with these tags #wish4theplanet and @wish4theplanet and send #goodkarma out – now when the world needs it most.

ChariTree Foundation 2017 Camp Tree Planting Program

For the ninth year, CCA partners with Andrea Koehle Jones, Executive Director, ChariTree Foundation, to offer free seedlings to all Canadian camps. Planting a tree is a powerful way to teach kids that they have the power to make Canada and the world a better place.

This program is open to all Canadian camps, including camps that planted trees in previous years. We urge all camps to participate and to benefit from the program while celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday.

  1. Ordering

By April 10, 2017, contact your provincial representative (listed below) and place your order including the number of trees and the location where they will be planted. You may choose to plant between 40 and 800 trees.  Andrea accesses the tress from nurseries in each province; therefore, the seedlings are suitable for growing conditions in your province.  The trees are usually packed in packages of 20 in cardboard boxes.

  1. Delivery

You will be notified by your representative precisely when and where the trees are available for pick up in your province (the date will be within the last two weeks of June).  Andrea’s commitment is to deliver the total order for each province to one location, which is chosen by the provincial representative.  Your representative will notify each participating camp of this location prior to submitting your order to Andrea.  Each camp is responsible for collecting their order from this location or pre-arranging to pay for delivery to their campsite. Andrea has found that Greyhound bus is the least expensive way to ship seedlings.  If you do not receive your seedlings on the expected date, please notify your provincial representative.

The trees may be stored in a dark, cool place for a maximum of two weeks before planting.

The camp agrees to:

  • Go online promptly and acknowledge the receipt of their trees directly to Andrea.  To access the ChariTree Feedback form visit Camps that do not meet this obligation will forgo the opportunity to access trees in future years.
  • attach or email Andrea ( photos of the children holding or planting the seedlings. Andrea needs this information to post on her site, in media and to satisfy her donors that their contribution is being used wisely and assists her in seeking future donations.
  • Plant their trees with their campers within two weeks
  • Water and care for the seedlings– and tell your students the great work they are doing by planting trees and explain why we love and need trees.

Provincial Representatives:

Alberta: Ted Lockie

Saskatchewan: Donna Wilkinson

Manitoba: Kim Scherger

Ontario: Jen Gilbert

New Brunswick: John Savage

Nova Scotia / PEI: Patti Sampson

Newfoundland: Malcolm Turner