Let’s build outdoor classrooms and get more students outside

The ChariTree Foundation is helping create outdoor classrooms across Canada.

A growing number of studies show that being outside reduces a student’s stress and anxiety levels. That’s especially important as children and teens are dealing with increased stress and anxiety brought on by the pandemic. 

Schools across Canada and the world are shifting learning outdoors amid coronavirus worries. The ChariTree Foundation supports school environmental education programs as well as helping with funding for outdoor classrooms. “We want to help all the amazing teachers inspiring children by introducing them to the wonders of nature,” said Andrea Koehle Jones, Executive Director, The ChariTree Foundation. “We help support environmental education for children now, so when they grow up they will be better prepared to #LeadOnClimate.”

How to apply

If your Canadian school is raising funds for an outdoor classroom please contact info@charitree-foundation.org to tell us about your project before December 15, 2020. The ChariTree Foundation can only make a donation to Canadian schools that can offer a tax receipt. (or your Canadian school board can provide a tax receipt). We know school principals, teachers and staff are super busy this year so just fire off a quick email to let us know you are fundraising for an outdoor classroom – ChariTree would love to help!