Love Trees gives more fruit trees to orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya

(Photos: Children at Tuele Kenya visit healthy fruit trees they planted more than two years ago on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Many of the trees are doing well despite the very dry conditions in the region. This banana tree was planted in 2011.)

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – September 8, 2014 –  Love Trees is honoured to partner with the orphanage Tuele Kenya again in an effort to give even more children an opportunity to plant fruit trees and learn about environmental stewardship

Jon T. High  the Team Leader at Teule Kenya will lead the project. Jon is the 2011 recipient of the Love Trees Leadership Award of Merit for his project planting 100 fruit trees in honour of Nobel Laureate, Wangari Mathai. LoveTrees sponsored the planting of fruit trees on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro – an area that has suffered considerable deforestation.  Orphans and vulnerable children supported by Teule Kenya planted mango, papaya, guava, mulberry, lukward, passion fruit, grape, banana, apple, lemon and orange trees. Jon recently took photos to show how much the trees have grown over the last two and a half years, despite dry conditions in the region.

In developing countries, a Love Tree is truly a “tree of life” as it can alleviate hunger, foster self-sufficiency, provide natural disaster tree relief, combat global warming and improve nearby soilimage, air and water.

”There’s something so hopeful about planting trees with kids,” said Koehle Jones. “Kids are the future stewards of the environment. They’re concerned about the state of the planet and eager to help. I’ve seen the magic that happens when you give a child a tree – let’s give as many children as we can a Love Tree to plant.”

“We look forward to seeing what your donation can do in these children’s lives and in the environment and much more – how we are all interrelated,” High said. “I cant wait to teach our kids more responsibility of them taking care of their environment by planting trees.”

The 2014 Love Trees project will be part of the children’s garden on Teule land in Loitokitok, Kenya. “I am so happy that the children will have fruit trees in their garden,” said Koehle Jones. “I hope the trees will provide lots of fruit for the children as well as a sense of confidence that they have the power to make their world a better place.”

Love Trees manages a global children’s educational tree planting program. Since 2006, Love Trees has given thousands of trees to school children around the world, empowering them by also providing them with the tools and skills to be active stewards of the environment.

Teule Kenya, meaning “Chosen one ,” helps orphaned and vulnerable children by providing them with love, shelter, proper nourishment, education healthcare and guidance.  Increasingly Teule Kenya is dealing with children orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS and Maasai girls rescued from FGM and early marriage.

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Banana trees, Kenya

(Photo: Planting a banana tree – 2011 Love Trees children’s fruit tree project with Tuele Kenya.)

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