Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy!

1001443_10202596955470775_1039895705_nCharities are really struggling these days, it makes my job more challenging but it also makes me appreciate all those who have done something to support Charitree even more. I’m sending out a TREEmendous thank you for your support of The Charitree Foundation this year. Thanks to everyone who planted trees, helped coordinate shipments of trees to children, taught children the value of trees, donated to this charity, partnered with this charity, helped with the charity’s server, website and accounting, advised the charity as a board member and helped get the word out about our projects with encouraging comments, likes and tweets. You may think liking a post is no big deal but it means the world to Charitree and our wonderful volunteers. You will never know how much I appreciate your support!

Wishing children everywhere a Happy 2014 filled with lots of fun opportunities to get outside to explore all the wonders of nature: charitree-foundation.org xo Andrea Koehle Jones, Founder & Executive Director, The ChariTREE Foundation xo