2020 Annual Report + Financials

June 14, 2021.   Welcome to The ChariTREE Foundation (TCF) 2020 Annual Meeting.        The ChariTree FoundationGreater Vancouver, Canadainfo@charitree-foundastion.orgcharitree-foundation.org Agenda Last Meeting Follow-Up • No outstanding items from the executive director. Attendees Andrea Koehle Jones, Hilda Wood, David Jones, John Koehle and Dr. Michael Koehle  Introduction Since Earth Day 2006, The ChariTree Foundation has strived to grow … Read more

Thousands of children across Canada will be receiving trees

“Thanks so much for the opportunity for the kids to plant trees at the camp this year. I never realized how much the kids would enjoy it and feel like they were planting into the future.” – Marie Tubby, Director, Frontier Trails Camp This year, the ChariTree Foundation is sending more than 15,000 children at summer … Read more

The Star Catchers: One family’s efforts to reduce plastic and garbage

Every week I take the kids to the far side of the island to look for sea stars. We have been looking since last fall without success. It feels like the starfish are canaries in the coal mine of the ocean and that’s something to feel sad about and pay attention to.
The Pacific coast of North America is currently experiencing Sea Star Wasting Syndrome. Scientists began reporting on sick and dying sea stars in early September 2013. The cause is still unknown but it makes sense that the massive amount of garbage in the ocean can’t be helping.
I think there has never been a better time to share the Starfish Story with children. This is a beautiful story to remind us of the power of ONE.
ONE person can make a difference, ONE family can make things better ~ all it takes is ONE little change.
– See more at: https://www.charitree-foundation.org/star-catchers-photo-essay-seastars#sthash.ElWOkVVR.dpuf