The Charitree Foundation is happy to welcome Treeline Outdoors, our newest corporate partner.

Treeline Outdoors began with a bear…

While camping their way from their west coast home of British Columbia through the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the founders of Treeline Outdoors met a large Grizzly Bear along the way. He came wandering through their campsite one night, trapping them in their ground tents. The night seemed never-ending but finally the campers were able to frighten the bear away by setting off the alarm of their nearby vehicle. This was the night that Treeline Outdoors was born. The campers knew there had to be a better way to camp: enter the Treeline Roof-Top Tent

Treeline Outdoors was founded in 2013 by a passionate group of outdoorsmen and adventurers. You can find them combing the back-roads of the Canadian Pacific Northwest in search of adventure and natural beauty, perfecting the art of camping as they go. Treeline Outdoors began with the introduction of the Roof-Top Tent and expanded to the creation of enduring and classic solutions for the modern outdoorsman and outdoorswoman. Treeline Outdoors: The Mountain is Calling

Check out their outdoor gear including Treeline’s famous Roof-Top Tents.

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