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Charitree helps young Canadian campers plant a bright future

Thousands of children at summer camps across Canada will be given trees to plant this summer as part of a powerful, educational, partnership between The Charitree Foundation and The Canadian Camping Association.

The program sources seedlings native to each province and coordinates delivery in the first days of camp each year. In the pilot project in 2009, twelve camps in the Parry Sound/Muskoka district of Ontario planted 2,300 trees. The next summer, forty-seven camps in nine provinces participated and planted 10,000 trees. In 2011, the project grew again. Campers in fifty-five camps in nine provinces planted 17,590 trees. In 2012, campers planted more than 23,000 trees across Canada. Thousands more are expected to be planted in 2013 and requests for trees are flooding in as Earth Day approaches.

Fun Hummingbird Tree Crafts to make with kids

Fun Hummingbird Tree Crafts to make with the kids The Hummingbird is also called the messenger of joy and it is always good luck to see a hummingbird. I suddenly saw lots of hummingbirds around the time of my daughter Avery’s birth. Recently Avery and I made these cute hummingbird crafts to hang on trees…

Free trees for children

The ChariTREE Foundation tree planting program is open to all Canadian camps in 2013, including those that planted trees in previous years.

By April 1, 2013, please contact your provincial representative (listed below) and place your order including the number of trees and the location where they will be planted.
You may chose to plant between 40 and 800 trees. Andrea Koehle Jones, Executive Director of ChariTREE, orders trees that are native to each province from nurseries across Canada; therefore, the seedlings are suitable for growing conditions in your province.


Thanks for your generous donation and thanks for helping to support children and the planet. As a thank you BONUS – these web buttons are for you. Just drag a “I support” or “We support” badge onto your desktop or download and add anywhere you want for example, Facebook, your websites, your email, Twitter… With…

CLIMATE ANXIETY & KIDS by Andrea Koehle Jones

5 Tips to support children and youth with their ‘Eco-Anxiety’ The climate crisis is causing an increase in psychological distress in children and teens around the world. One of the most devastating impacts of unchecked climate change is climate anxiety: a chronic fear of environmental doom. Kids everywhere are reporting emotions ranging from sadness and…